Will Mr. William S. Hight please come to the podium.

Mr. William Salone Hight:  You were born on September 28, 1920 so that you and the School of Social Work share the same age – 95 years.  I prefer to say that you are indeed chronologically talented!


       After graduating from Atlanta University in 1951, you served as the Senior Medical Social Worker at the Kansas City, Missouri General Hospital where you assisted patients in addressing their social and emotional issues in response to their medical illnesses.  Following this experience, you worked for the American Red Cross Home Service Division in Cincinnati, Ohio where you assisted active servicemen and their dependents and the dependents of deceased service men.  You also supervised 60 families in a single shelter after the Great Cincinnati Flood of 1951, where damage exceeded $935 M and there was the loss of 17 lives and 518,000 people were displaced.

       From 1956-1960, you continued your role as Assistant to the Chief of Hospital Social Services where you supervised 11 social workers and served as consultant to the Architect where you insured that there would be adequate office space and equipment for the In-patient SW staff and that there would be opportunity for the growth of the Department

       You were employed at Queens State School and charged to organize a Social Service Division and develop a program designed to serve the needs of the mentally retarded population of the Borough of Queens.  You met with various civic and community groups and organizations to lessen community resistance to the School’s presence.  Your success with various community groups resulted in your being asked to establish 3 additional satellite clinics for the developmentally delayed in areas that had heavy concentrations of low income families who were unable to travel to the original site. Under your leadership, one graduate school of social work located in New York was the first to use a Center for the developmentally delayed as a field placement site.

       You have served on numerous community Boards and organizations as well as state and national organizations.  You have sturdily anchored agencies where you served as leader.  As the captain in charge of various agency settings, you kept a sharp eye on the weather and navigated precarious straits.  You strengthened fiscal ties, and delegated responsibility to various ship mates.  You left agencies in good repair so that they were able to move onward and forward after your leadership expired. In your time as captain, you did what you set out to do – you made the agencies seaworthy and steady. In addition, you have continuously remembered the School that gave you your solid foundation and have been one of the major benefactors to Whitney M. Young, Jr., School of Social Work over the years.


       You represent the best of what the social work profession stands for.  Whitney M. Young, Jr., School of Social Work is honored, on the occasion of its 95th Anniversary, to present you with the Distinguished Alumnus Award.  Your picture will be placed on the Distinguished Alumni Wall in the School of Social Work. Congratulations!95th Anniversary PM Session

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